A & S Land and Cattle is located in the Willamette Valley, Oregon where grass is abundant, temperatures are mild and longhorns are spoiled. Our goal is to maintain a herd of 100 registered, breeding cows. With proper field management and a consistent herd health program we are maximizing our acreage. The biggest barrier to large livestock in this area is grazing land. Luckily, the natural browsing tendency of longhorns has opened up fields for us.

Our introduction to longhorns started with the purchase of 5 registered cattle from a local breeder who was calling it quits. As a business owner, I made a long term and short term business plan for the longhorns. It was safe to say that after a year, the budgets were out the window. We were willing to invest a lot more for the best cows. Our original herd was improved by acquiring premier longhorns from across the United States.

Today, our foundation cows are our pride and joy. This industry has been good to us. Longhorn people are more than happy to share ideas, open up their ranch for tours and talk about what makes a great cow great. We are no exception.

You are always welcome to talk longhorns at our home.

Amelia and Scott Picker